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Discover the latest trends in technology for R&D, production of medicines, medical equipment, and laboratory analysis at our networking conference. Connect directly with over 200 decision-makers in these industries.

The TPN is an unique format for valuable face-to-face experiences for industry experts, researchers, manufacturers, consultants, associations, and government organizations to exchange ideas, network, and establish lasting business relationships.

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What to expect:

Personalised and Precision Medicines

In the landscape of healthcare innovation, personalized and precision medicines stand as beacons of tailored therapeutic approaches. This field offers unparalleled opportunities to enhance patient outcomes through individualized treatment strategies. Despite the promising advancements, challenges persist in optimizing regulatory frameworks and fostering collaboration. Navigating these complexities is pivotal to unlocking the full potential of these types of medicines, ensuring a harmonized and effective integration into modern healthcare practices.

Case Study on Automated Kit-packing of Hypodermic Needles with Injectable Drugs

Understand the design specifics for automated packing of hypodermic needles, the engineering complexities of needle development, and the importance of alignment among pharmaceutical companies, needle suppliers, and contract packers.

Development and Implementation of Online Monitoring Systems for Continuous Process Control and Tracking

The development and implementation of online monitoring systems for continuous process control and tracking redefine the landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing. These innovative systems enable real-time oversight, enhancing quality control and ensuring adherence to stringent standards. With a focus on continuous improvement, integrating such monitoring systems empowers manufacturers to proactively address challenges, minimize deviations, and optimize processes for sustained operational excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Live Survey: Cybersecurity and Privacy

In the pharmaceutical industry, the importance of cybersecurity and privacy cannot be overstated. As advancements in digital technologies reshape the landscape, protecting sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of medical information become paramount. Addressing cybersecurity concerns is not merely a regulatory requirement but a fundamental commitment to safeguarding patient privacy, maintaining trust, and securing critical research and development data from potential threats, thereby ensuring the industry’s resilience and reputation.

Critical System Cleaning Processes of Medical Devices: Techniques and Validation

Effective system cleaning processes for medical devices are essential for ensuring patient safety and device efficacy. Techniques include ultrasonic cleaning, autoclaving, and chemical disinfection, each requiring stringent validation. Validation protocols must demonstrate thorough removal of contaminants and sterility assurance. These processes are critical in preventing infections and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, safeguarding both patients and healthcare providers.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Blockchain’s integration in pharmaceutical supply chains ensures transparency, security, and traceability, mitigating counterfeit drugs, expediting transactions, and streamlining inventory management, thus safeguarding product integrity and bolstering supply chain resilience.

AI and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Development

The integration of AI and machine learning in drug discovery and development revolutionizes the pharmaceutical landscape. These technologies expedite the identification of potential compounds, optimize clinical trial design, and enhance predictive modeling for drug efficacy and safety. By leveraging data-driven insights, the industry achieves unprecedented efficiency, ultimately accelerating the delivery of innovative and tailored therapeutic solutions.

Live Survey: Sustainable Practices in Drug Manufacturing

Emphasizing sustainable practices in drug manufacturing is pivotal for the pharmaceutical industry’s ecological responsibility. Integrating eco-friendly initiatives reduces environmental impact, from energy-efficient processes to waste reduction. The industry’s commitment to sustainability not only aligns with global environmental goals but also fosters a positive reputation. Addressing this imperative ensures a responsible and ethical approach to drug production, contributing to a healthier planet.

Investment in Equipment for Sterile Drug Production

Investing in equipment for sterile drug production is a strategic move for pharmaceutical companies aiming to elevate product quality and safety. Cutting-edge technologies ensure the aseptic processing of pharmaceuticals, meeting stringent regulatory standards. The financial commitment towards advanced sterilization equipment reflects a dedication to producing drugs free from contaminants, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to patient well-being and regulatory compliance.

3D-Printed Medicines and Additive Manufacturing

Exploring 3D-printed medicines and additive manufacturing represents a transformative leap in pharmaceutical production. This innovative approach allows for precise control over drug design and formulation, enabling personalized medications tailored to individual patient needs. The utilization of additive manufacturing technologies streamlines the drug development process, offering a more efficient and customizable solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Embracing this cutting-edge method signifies a commitment to advancing pharmaceutical technology and patient-centric healthcare.

Modernization of Purification and Filtration Systems to Ensure Product Quality

The modernization of purification and filtration systems is paramount to ensuring pharmaceutical product quality. Upgrading these essential processes enhances efficiency and precision, aligning with rigorous quality standards. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in purification and filtration not only safeguards product integrity but also optimizes production workflows. This strategic modernization reflects a dedication to delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals while adapting to evolving industry standards and technological advancements.

Rotating Audience Panel: Challenges in Analyzing Data Obtained During Sampling, Maintaining Control in Plant-Cleaning Operations

Addressing challenges in analyzing data obtained during sampling and maintaining control in plant-cleaning operations is pivotal for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Navigating complexities in data analysis ensures accurate insights into production processes, facilitating informed decision-making. Simultaneously, maintaining control in plant-cleaning operations is crucial for compliance and product quality. Overcoming these challenges demands innovative solutions and streamlined protocols, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Strategies for Accelerating Market Access and Commercialization of Innovative Healthcare Technologies in Mexico

Accelerating market access in Mexico necessitates navigating regulatory landscapes, fostering strategic partnerships, and leveraging digital platforms to facilitate the swift adoption of cutting-edge healthcare solutions, ensuring equitable access for patients and commercial viability for innovators.

Advances in Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring technologies revolutionize healthcare delivery in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, enabling virtual consultations, real-time patient monitoring, and data-driven interventions, thereby expanding access to care, enhancing patient engagement, and improving health outcomes.



Bruker’s differentiated high-value life science research and diagnostics solutions enable scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life.


As Part of Terumo Medical Care Solutions, the Pharmaceutical Solutions Division develops patient-oriented parenteral delivery solutions for therapeutic performance and safety.

Globally trusted for quality and precision, we offer pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers around the world comprehensive product design and development services.

We have decades of experience collaborating with pharmaceutical companies from the earliest phases of drug development to product commercialization to optimize critical aspects of parenteral drug delivery.

Innovation and creativity are central to our value proposition. Our expert teams lead the industry in developing and manufacturing advanced, high-performing infusion and injection technologies, including CDMO services for all parenteral applications.

We listen. We question. We deliver. 


For over 55 years, INFORS HT has been developing and producing high-tech solutions for biotechnology. We are proud to be one of the best in the field of specialists for bioreactors, shaker incubators and bioprocess control software.

Much has changed since the company was founded in 1965. The Spirit of INFORS HT, however, remains the same. In keeping with our company creed—“We firmly believe you can make anything better”—we commit ourselves each and every day to simplifying our biotechnology customers’ workflows through the use of the most modern technologies available.

To achieve that, we directly involve our customers during the product development stage, which allows us to design highly practical products, software solutions and services that make good on our promises—not just on paper, but in the challenges of everyday operations as well.


With 60+ dedicated scientists and support personal, UDIBI is a third-party laboratory authorized by the Mexican Regulatory Agency (COFEPRIS) to conduct analytical services for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. We also provide consulting services on antibody engineering and development of antibody-based therapeutics. With the support from government and private investment we have developed a portfolio of biotherapeutics that includes a product in the market and several therapeutic antibodies in diverse phases of discovery, optimization and preclinical development. In response to COVID-19 pandemic, UDIBI developed and commercializes the only 100% Mexican diagnostic kit to detect anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies with approval by COFEPRIS for commercialization in Mexico.


T5DC is a leading Mexican company with over 26 years of experience, specializing in controlled environment equipment, cleaning process validation, and critical water system monitoring for pharmaceutical use. We provide high-tech solutions from top brands like SIEVERS INSTRUMENTS, STEELCO, COMECER, BURDINOLA, DECONEX, and DEC GROUP, serving industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, veterinary, nutraceuticals, and medical devices.

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