Valetta Investment Advisory; BAAE (Business Analytics & Applied Economics); JCAmor Investment Services, Mexico

President, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

· Dr. JC Amor is a visionary, curious, interdisciplinary, high-energy investment professional with a passion for realizing the value of innovation at the intersection of finance, technology, and science, with global cultural understandings.

· He has an international background, having lived in 6 countries by the time he completed his university education. He holds 5 degrees from the US, in science and business, and speaks several languages natively.

· Dr. Amor is a world class biomedical research scientist, internationally referenced over 900 times, and having trained, lectured, and worked as a bio-organic chemist & biophysicist at The University of Pennsylvania, Brandeis, Harvard, and Emory University.

· Subsequently Dr. Amor established his expertise in intellectual property (IP) consulting & monetization, last working for a decade in Silicon Valley, performing technology, IP and business analyses in support of major international licensing and business development initiatives & transactions, approaching billion-dollar values.

· For over a decade Dr. Amor has now systematically blended science, technology, intellectual property, and business, with early and late-stage investments, to produce systems and investment theses uniquely suited for risk management and value-creation in trading, investing and wealth management.


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