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1st day

What actions are public authorities taking towards promoting greater transparency in Latin America?

Monica da Luz Carvalho Soares
ANVISA, Brazil
Head of Knowledge, Innovation and Research (GGCIP)

Luis Rodrigo Piñeiro
ANMAT, Argentina
Direction of Institutional Relations and Advertising Regulation

Carolina Palhares Lima
Health Ministry, Brazil
Director of integrity

How to demonstrate and document compliance awareness and efforts

Martha Patricia Rivas Mandujano Bausch
Health Companies, Mexico
Regional Director Compliance Officer LatAm

Latam Fair Market Value Considerations

José Alfredo Sedano
Biogen, Mexico
Associate Legal Director & Compliance Officer Mexico & Colombia

2nd day

How to generate credibility in compliance programs

Felipe Dantas
CGU, Brazil
General Counsel

Legislative changes in relation to the criminal liability of companies and how it affects pharmaceutical companies in Chile

Giovanna Gardella
Laboratorios Bagó, Chile
Compliance Legal Adviser

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