Unidad de Desarrollo e Investigación en Bioterapéuticos (UDIBI), Mexico

Executive Director

Dr. Perez Tapia is the Executive Director of UDIBI, she is Pharmaceutical Chemical Biologist graduated from the UNAM, and earned her Master and PhD degrees in Immunology Sciences from the IPN. She has published 7 book chapters and 114 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She is member of the the Committee of Biotechnological Products of the Mexican Pharmacopoeia, the Consortium of Innovator Scientists in Vaccines (led by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry), and is technical responsible of various projects supported by CONAHCYT, highlighting a National Laboratory, and a strategic project for the establishment of biotechnological platforms to develop innovative therapies against the tumor microenvironment in leukemias (PRONAII). Dr. Pérez Tapia has been recognized by multiple professional organizations for her scientific contributions to the development of solutions to improve the health and quality of life of Mexicans.