Main Researcher

Senior Researcher CEVAP-UNESP. Full Lecturer in Venomous Animals: Accidents and Toxins. Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (UNESP), Master and PhD in Tropical Diseases (School of Medicine – UNESP), Post-doctorate in Immunochemistry at Butantan Institute. Professor of the Postgraduate – 1) Course in Tropical Diseases and 2) Course in Clinical Research. Director of CEVAP/UNESP (actual). Editor-in-Chief of JOURNAL OF VENOMOUS ANIMALS AND TOXINS INCLUDING TROPICAL DISEASES. President (2016-2020) of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors. Scientific Director of the Botucatu Technological Park. Member of the BRAZILIAN ACADEMY OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE. Experience in Bioprospecting, Drug development and Clinical Trials (Translational Science).  


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