Keralty, Colombia

Global Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs

MSc in Health Economics, Pharmacist, Former Director of medicines and health technologies at Colombia’s Minister of Health with experience as a manager into healthcare insurance sector and into health service providers (hospitals), currently global Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs.
I interpret healthcare systems’ global trends, the impact of changes Colombian’s public health policies to combine said analysis with health economics tools and epidemiological tools in order to understand proposed challenges by the healthcare systems related with financial sustainability, medicines’ coverage and access. For the purpose of designing and leading strategies, which allow anticipating technical and financial risks while said strategies generate results on better medicine’s access and better patients’ health results.
My experience being the spokesperson on behalf of the government on international and regional meetings and my experience, on strategic levels in the healthcare insurance sector, working on pharmaceutical affairs allows me to get leaders´ willing into Colombian’s health sector in order to obtain better medicines accessibility and impacts either the control of the disease.