Eurofarma, Brazil

Legal and Integrity Corporate Director

Design and execution of go-to-market of a pharmaceutical laboratory in Argentina, including the process to acquire facilities, build the quality laboratory and set the office structure.
LATAM distributor market management, with selection of local distributors, contract negotiation, KPIs definition and contract management and execution.
Leadership of marketing, medical, commercial excellence, regulatory, finance areas to deliver a successful delivery of profitable operation.
Identify new business opportunities for the company and for the management of passionate team that has delivered the profitability committed to the board.
Previous and solid experience as in-company counsel and compliance officer for Latin American of well-known multinational and national companies, which I regard that highly contributes to my role on the risk management, negotiation and holistic vision of a company operation.
Solid knowledge and experience in analyzing, negotiating, and drafting national and international agreements and risk analysis of contracts and projects over USD 100 million. Experience in Civil and Common Law. Experience with private and public entities negotiation.
Support at merger & acquisition due diligence. Support at corporate acts of company listed in the stock market and other corporate acts. Source: Linkedin.