BioSim, Spain


1998-1990. Scholarship from the Health Research Fund of the Social Security (FISS). Hospital October 12. Madrid.

1990-1993. Higher Public Health Technician: Pharmaceutical Management Service. Madrid’s community.

1993-2002. Primary Care Pharmacist. INSALUD Primary Care Area 6 (Madrid).

2002-2004. Head of the Pharmaceutical Expenditure Assessment Area. General Directorate of Pharmacy. Madrid’s community.

2004-2005. Head of the Pharmaceutical Provision Management Service. General Directorate of Pharmacy. Madrid’s community.

2005-2008. Deputy Director General of Pharmaceutical Services. General Directorate of Pharmacy. Madrid’s community.

2008-2015. General Deputy Director of Pharmacy and Health Products Purchasing. General Directorate of Economic Management and Purchasing of Pharmacy and Health Products. Madrid’s community.

2015-2017. Deputy Director General of Pharmacy and Health Products General Directorate of Health Care Coordination. Madrid’s community.

2017-2018. General Director of the Basic Portfolio of Services of the National Health and Pharmacy System. Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

2018-2020. Advanced Therapies Coordinator. Ministry of Health. Madrid’s community.

2020- Present. CEO. Spanish Association of Biosimilars.

More than 50 publications in the field of rational drug use in primary care, pharmaceutical service management and electronic prescription.

Extensive teaching experience with participation in more than 100 Congresses, Conferences, Courses and Masters in the last 15 years (both national and international) focused mainly on aspects related to procedures for the management of pharmaceutical services, the treatment of chronic patients polypharmacy, safety in the use of medicines, studies on the use of medicines, clinical trials, health benefits, access to innovation.  


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