Francisco Kuri Breña

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Francisco Kuri Breña

Landsteiner , Mexico

New Developments Director

Born in Mexico City. He studied a BSc in

Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and an MSc with specialisation in Organic Chemistry, at the National Autonomous University (Mexico City, Mexico).

He conducted doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in a mixed discipline of Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Francisco worked for both national and multinational industries.

Currently, Lansteine’s Scientific New Developments

Director (April 2013 to date) and he has worked in the expert group together with the Mexican Ministry of Health in the discussion and writing of the registration requirements for non-innovator biotechnology products in Mexico, known elsewhere as biosimilars.

He’s a coordinator of the biotechnology product expert committee for the Mexican Pharmacopeia and subject matter expert on biotechnological regulation in Mexico.




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