Alexandre Dalmasso

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Alexandre Dalmasso

Astellas, Brazil

Ethics and Compliance Director

Ethics and Compliance Director graduated in Law from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in 1989, having performed legal and/or compliance activities in the pharmaceutical sector at GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Biogen and Astellas where he currently holds the position of ethics and compliance director. His main highlights in the academic area are the MBA in Corporate Law at FGV and the MBA in Fiscal and Accounting Audit at FUNCEFET. He also has a diplomatic career training course, a policy and strategy course by the Association of Graduates of the Superior School of War, specialization courses in compliance, constitutional law, labor law, tax law, corporate finance, bidding processes and financial mathematics. He has been a professor of Ethics at the Paulista University during 7 years.



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