Adilson Montaneira

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 Adilson Montaneira Pfizer, Brazil Business Unit Director - Biosimilar

Adilson Montaneira

Pfizer, Brazil

Business Unit Head - Biosimilars

 - More than 20 years of experience and proved business acumen on the pharmaceutical industry with a strong operational capability and strong marketing and sales orientation. A wide strategic view around businesses models and industry landscape.
- Extensive experience as Pharma Executive including positions of increasing responsibilities as General Management, Marketing & Sales Direction, Business Unit Direction and Integration Lead at M&A process. Solid ground working with mergers & acquisitions, start-up projects, restructures & businesses repositioning and turnaround process.
- Remarkable leadership behavior and enhanced interpersonal and motivational skills. Significant and successful experience in leading / managing people, developing high-performance teams. Enhanced capability to lead within a multicultural and diversified environment.
- Management style based on an entrepreneurial behavior, with a strong focus on performance and execution. Large experience in P&L management. Consistently one of the top performers; very bottom-line oriented.

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